Frequently Asked

  • Pub Crawl Franchise, a brand by Nightlife Architects, is unique as it offers the possibility to make you innovate and empower your city's nightlife. All of that with our help!

  • Easy! We do not ask for any initial investment, is everything covered by us. You might think that it is crazy or a lie, but we keep our promise to make our franchisee not take out a single cent!

  • We can't simply write a random amount of money. There are many factors to keep in mind, such as expenses, staff, tourism in your city and many others.

  • We cannot predict the future, but let me tell you that based on our experience, case studies, statistics and other external factors, it is 90% likely that the event will succeed.

  • We are not an exclusive company, instead, we empower young entrepreneurs to start their first venture with us. We have some important requirements that condition our consideration of the candidate:

    1. You must live in the city where you are planning to start the Pub Crawl;
    2. You should be preferably a native of that place and speak the local language (plus English at the level C1);
    3. You should be a nightlife enthusiast, hungry for new events and wanting to innovate the local nightlife scene.
  • You can send us a spontaneous email with the following details:

    1. A short presentation about yourself;
    2. What pushes you to get started for a venture with us;
    3. Your CV;
    4. Further details about the city you would like to start the event in and any other details that would make you stand out!

Do you have questions?

We are available anytime to answer your questions, if you are curious about how to get started check as well across our website.