About Us

The innovative Pub Crawl Franchise concept

Established in September 2023, Pub Crawl Franchise is an innovative concept to extend, engage and improve your city’s nightlife. Our expertise spans from Marketing to Business Development and Human Resources, along with our 10+ team members all over Europe who are professionals in the most categories needed to structure, design and launch innovative events all over the world.


Pub Crawl

Where everything began. We started off as a Pub Crawl based in sunny Malta, since then we have achieved an important number of customers from all over the world.


Pub Crawl

In November 2023 we officially got started with our expansion planning. Aiming to be in 10 European countries with 25 active events by 2025.


Pub Crawl

Soon to be launched, Berlin Pub Crawl will be the first ever franchise of ours outside of Malta. We are currently recruiting for various positions.

Customers in 2023-2024

Our products are always top pick and likely to sell out.

Partners in Europe

We partner up with the best companies, organizations and venues.

100 %
Guaranteed Success

Our expertise as nightlife builders will replicate the same success everywhere.

Stars on Average

Yup, that’s what we get. Check it on GetYourGuide and Viator!

Do you have questions?

We are available anytime to answer your questions, if you are curious about how to get started check as well across our website.